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For over 45 years, SBB Community Management has been known as the best HOA management company in Keller, Texas. We put quality over quantity, a principle that resonates in our choice of partnerships with communities. Our selective approach empowers us to work smarter, more efficiently, and with a friendly touch, ensuring we take care of all the things that have to get done. This approach allows you to manage your community with ease with our homeowners association management services.

Partnering with a homeowners association management company shouldn’t be hard work. We understand you need to be selective and ask hard questions. Do they have the infrastructure to manage my business? Have they experienced all the things that can and may go wrong? Are they likable, honest, and creative? Will they handle the details so I can manage what I want to manage? That's why at SBB Community Management, we are committed to elevating community living by delivering tailored, professional, and innovative HOA management solutions. With a strong focus on customer service and transparency. We empower communities to thrive and homeowners to enjoy a higher quality of life in Texas.

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We offer a variety of HOA Community Management solutions:


SBB is the best choice for established communities looking for a selective partner. Along with best-in-class customer service SBB excels in working with communities in the areas of: • Accounting and Financials • Administration and Management • Insurance • Physical Property Management • Committee Assistance • Contract Supervision • Accounts Receivable • Accounts Payable • Disclosure Requests • General HOA Management Services

HOA Developer Services

For new developments, the SBB team is one of the top Homeowners association management companies in Keller, Texas providing HOA developer services for new communities and projects. For our developer partners, SBB creates a bespoke team to manage all aspects of creating new community associations, including: • Budget Drafting • Operational Guidelines • Community Guidelines Administration and Management • Insurance • Physical Property Management • Committee Set-up • Accounting and Financials • General HOA Management Services • Homeowner Portals • Board Member Guidelines

We offer a variety of HOA Community Management solutions:

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HOA accounting & HOA financials Management

In the realm of Homeowners Association Management, SBB adopts a personalized approach with a dedicated focus on HOA accounting and financial management solutions. To ensure efficient and tailored service, we assign a designated account representative to each association.

The account representative will be responsible for handling all homeowner correspondence relating to the account, preparing financial statements, reconciling bank accounts, and all financial activities specific to that association. More specific HOA accounting functions may include the following:

Accounts Receivable

  • Maintain a file for each lot/home in the community
  • Provide requested information to title companies, realtors and mortgage companies to aid in the sale or refinancing of homes
  • Process changes in owner information after sale is closed and completed
  • Provide assessment statements to owners in accordance with requirements in governing documents and instructions received by the Board of Directors
  • Prepare delinquency report at month end for distribution to board members prior to or in conjunction with the regularly scheduled board meeting
  • Assess and post late charges, interest, legal fees, fines, repair or replacement charges to owner accounts
  • Send collection letters to owners with an outstanding balance, by certified mail, return receipt requested, in accordance with State law
  • Advise the Board of Directors on the need for a collection policy, and direct association legal counsel to prepare collection policy for review by the Board of Directors
  • Facilitate all requests for payment plans in accordance with the adopted Payment Plan Policy, and facilitate requests to the board for approval
  • Facilitate all requests for consideration of waivers, settlement of accounts, short sales and so on to the board for approval
  • Continue collection procedures with the association attorney or other authorized collection agency (as authorized by the collection policy or by direction from the Board of Directors)
  • Prepare annually a year-to-date detailed owner ledger and provide information to auditor as needed

Accounts Payable

  • Maintain vendor files, including tax identification numbers and W-9 forms
  • Prepare checks regularly for approved invoices
  • Make estimated Federal Tax Deposits, if applicable
  • Sign checks (handled by an officer of SBB Management Company)
  • Annually prepare payables reports
  • Provide to auditor

When it comes to HOA management, we manage the details so you can get back to what you love to do.

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