Condominium Association Management In Texas

As a board member, you know that running a condo association takes hard work. You juggle maintenance, finances, vendor management, regulations - the list goes on. It's a labor of love, but also time-consuming and complex, especially for volunteer boards. Keeping everything in control for your condominium can be a job in itself. Fortunately, SBB Management offers customized condominium management services so you can focus on big-picture governance while we handle day-to-day operations. With over 50 years of experience providing condominium association management services in communities across Houston and Dallas, Texas, the team at SBB quickly becomes an extension of your association’s success. Take advantage of our condominium management services to make condo living smooth and stress-free.

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Our Condominium Management Services

We offer a variety of Condominium Management Services:

We take a proactive approach to condominium association management, focusing on efficient operations, transparent communication, and proactive problem-solving. Our goal is to enhance the overall quality of life for residents while protecting and enhancing the value of their investments. At SBB, we offer comprehensive condominium management services tailored to meet the specific requirements of each community we serve.

Financial Management

We take care of every financial aspect of condominium association management, covering budgeting, assessment collection, accounts payable, financial reporting, and reserve fund management.

Our condominium management services deliver clear and comprehensive monthly financial statements customized to meet your board’s requirements. Keep track of income and expenses, accounts receivable and payable, reserve balances, budget variances, and other crucial financial metrics.

With complete visibility into your condo association’s finances, we can make informed decisions with confidence. Additionally, we handle the entire dues collection process, from issuing invoices to managing delinquent accounts. Our objective is to provide timely and transparent financial management services.

Administration Support

At SBB Management, we offer comprehensive administrative support to ensure the smooth operation of your condominium association. This includes expertly managing meeting coordination, record-keeping, correspondence, and vendor oversight.

When it comes to board meetings, our seasoned managers step in to take the reins. We provide full administrative support, from crafting professional agendas to meticulously recording minutes. With our team handling logistics, you can engage in productive discussions and make well-informed decisions. Our facilitators ensure meetings stay focused while ensuring that all voices are heard.

Additionally, we assist in scheduling meetings at optimal times and securing convenient venues. Whether you require board room rentals or virtual conference capabilities, we manage everything so you can concentrate on leadership. Our ultimate aim is to streamline meetings, making them organized and efficient for your board.

Legal Compliance

We prioritize ensuring that condominium associations adhere to all relevant laws, regulations, and governing documents. Our dedicated team offers expert guidance on governance issues, rule enforcement, and legal matters as required. We keep residents and board members informed about local regulations and compliance requirements, ensuring transparency and accountability within your community.

With our support, your community can navigate the complexities of condominium management with confidence. We excel in various areas, including insurance, vendor management, and more, helping your association thrive and succeed.

Why Choose SBB Management For Condominium Management

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