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Commercial Property Management In Texas

Owning commercial real estate is a major investment and responsibility that you should never take on alone. From shopping malls and office buildings to hotels and mixed-use developments, these income-producing properties require professional oversight to operate efficiently and maximize returns. 

That’s where the commercial property management experts at SBB Community Management come in. With 50 years of specialized experience in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we provide the comprehensive management services owners need to ensure their commercial assets perform at peak potential while alleviating the day-to-day operational burdens. 

Let’s take a moment to show you why partnering with SBB is a wise investment for your commercial properties and how we can manage your investment properties with expertise.

Ready to explore how SBB Community Management can enhance your commercial property in Texas? 

What Is Commercial Property Management?

Commercial property management is the oversight and operation of income-producing properties such as retail spaces, office buildings, hotels, entertainment venues, industrial parks, and more! 

These types of properties can be a handful of responsibility for owners. That’s why so many turn to SBB, Houston, and Dallas’ most trusted professional property management firm.

Our experienced team ensures commercial properties run smoothly, maintain value, and maximize profitability.

Our comprehensive services are ideal for the following types of properties:

  • Retail Properties (Shopping centers, strip malls, restaurants) 
  • Office Building Investments (Medical buildings, corporate towers)
  • Hospitality Properties (Hotels, resorts, conference centers)
  • Industrial Facilities (Warehouses, manufacturing facilities)
  • Entertainment Facilities (Amusement parks, stadiums, concert venues)

What Does Our Commercial Property Management Offer:

We offer a variety of Commercial Property Management Services:

SBB's commercial property management services encompass all aspects of operations, including:

Maintenance Planning

Time can take its toll on any property; emergencies happen, and you need a team that has a plan in action. We develop preventative maintenance schedules for all building systems, equipment, grounds, and amenities.


Curb appeal is one of the key things that keeps customers coming. We oversee all landscape contractors, plantings, irrigation, green spaces, and curb appeal maintenance.

Vendor Management

Your commercial property needs the most experienced vendors when maintenance and repair needs arise. We have connections with the best contractors in Dallas. Trust us to source, vet, and manage relationships with all third-party vendors and service providers.

Financial Reporting

Staying on top of your monthly finances helps you stay ahead throughout the entire year. Our finance experts can track property income expenses, handle accounts payable/receivable, and provide detailed reporting to owners.

Why IS Commercial Property Management Important?

Overseeing a commercial property requires expertise beyond what a typical residential property manager provides. 

Some of these bigger-picture factors include the following:

  • Management of tenant turnover, buildouts, and violations of commercial leases
  • Commercial properties are generally much larger in size and scale than residential properties
  •  Managing large teams of maintenance staff, vendors, security, etc.
  • Commercial buildings have more complex systems for HVAC, plumbing, electrical, life safety, etc. They require skilled engineers and vendors for maintenance and upgrades
  • Many commercial properties have amenities like fitness centers, conference spaces, etc.
  • Large shared areas like lobbies, parking lots/garages that must be maintained
  • More complicated lease agreements, operating expenses, taxes, and the need for experienced property accountants and legal experts

These complexities and more make it extremely difficult for owners to manage their properties successfully on their own while also running their core business operations. 

As experienced property managers, we act as the single control point for all aspects of operating the buildings and grounds. This relieves owners of the day-to-day management burdens, maximizes operational efficiencies, and ensures the property runs optimally.

How to Select a Commercial Property Manager

Experience and expertise are critical when entrusting your valuable commercial properties to a third-party manager. Look for a firm that specializes in properties like yours and understands the unique local market dynamics.

You’ll also want to ensure they utilize modern property management software to streamline operations, track key metrics, and provide you with real-time data and financial reporting.

Finally, the management team should be like us at SBB, with an investor mindset and a track record of maximizing net operating income (NOI), maintaining high occupancy rates, and protecting the condition of the property and its assets.

Maintain Your Commercial Property With SBB Community Management

With over 50 years of experience in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, SBB Community Management has the capabilities to ensure your commercial properties operate at peak efficiency and profitability. 

Our full-service approach takes the hassle off your shoulders, freeing you to focus on acquiring more income-producing properties.

We’re ready to help you make commercial property maintenance a breeze. Contact us today to discuss your commercial property management needs. 

We’ll provide an assessment to show you how our expertise can maximize the value of your real estate investment.

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