Homeowners Association Management

HOA Community Management begins with understanding each community’s documents, policies, procedures, and goals. We begin each partnership by creating a foundation of what you know, what we know, and how we can best partner with you to achieve the HOA’s goals.

At SBB, we’ve leveraged technology to build out robust documentation for each of our communities so that most issues can be handled and resolved by any team member.  Each Association’s dedicated HOA Manager works closely with the HOA Board to build out this documentation so that the Board can get out of the day to day and focus on the big picture.  

While SBB’s leading industry technology and advanced online strategies streamline a considerable amount of association business, you can always count on the management team to respond to your needs by phone, email, or in person.

Your Homeowners Association Management team oversees all association activities, providing experienced guidance and leadership. From attending board and annual meetings to overseeing all communications with board members and association professionals, our SBB management professionals are your key connection to superior community association organization and management.

HOA Management Solutions

We offer a variety of HOA Management solutions: Full, Virtual, or Accounting Only Management

GENERAL Homeowners Association Management SERVICES

SBB will send Welcome Letters or packages to new owners after closing; assist auditors and answer questions related to the audit and tax return; provide an auditor with year-to-date general ledger and check register reports; the manager will prepare the draft budget for the treasurer to review; annually prepare records for storage; and set up accounting files for the new fiscal year.

Disclosure Requests

SBB will retain all documents necessary for inclusion with disclosure requests, resale certificates or refinancing information. SBB will maintain a system for processing disclosure requests and make certain that title companies, lenders and realtors have all necessary information about the system. SBB will file a Management Certificate to include information on how to contact SBB to request disclosure documents, resale certificates or refinancing information. SBB will complete all requests for disclosure information in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas. SBB will forward all requests for 60- or 90-day letters or for subordination agreements to the Board of Directors for review, when applicable.

Team Assignment

SBB begins each relationship by assigning an experienced HOA Manager and an Accounting Representative to each association. 

In addition, every community receives back-of-house support from our world-class:

  • Administrative Team
  • Compliance Team
  • Customer Care Team
  • A/R Team
  • A/P Team

Administration & Management

  • Maintain accurate listings of all board members
  • Maintain consistent contact with all board members regarding association business and important matters to affect a timely response
  • Maintain professional conduct and communication with all owners, prospective purchasers, title companies, realtors, contractors, suppliers, vendors, attorneys, accountants and others doing business with the association in addition to frequent email status updates to the Board
  • Maintain a telephone service to handle association correspondence, including after-hours emergency calls
  • Maintain association management files, in conjunction with the accounting department
  • Correspond with owners or residents regarding enforcement of covenants, conditions, restrictions, as well as rules and regulations
  • Maintain communication with CPA firms, attorneys, engineers or other professionals engaged by the association
  • Arrange a location for regular board meetings
  • Prepare and/or provide all materials necessary for an efficient, productive board meeting on a regular basis, in accordance with instructions from the board
  • Maintain an association minute book for review by owners, CPA firms, board members and SBB staff
  • Prepare notice for the annual meeting of owners, and make certain to deliver it within the requirements stated in the community governing documents
  • Arrange location for annual meeting and make certain facility is equipped for the expected turnout of owners
  • Confirm that an annual meeting can be conducted by verifying the quorum as required by the governing documents
  • Prepare and/or provide all materials necessary for the annual meeting, including minutes, agenda, financial statements, documents or other items as requested by the Board of Directors
  • Maintain all corporate records as dictated by the State of Texas
  • Act as Management Agent/Registered Agent and be appointed as such in the records of the office of the Texas Secretary of State


  • Solicit, evaluate and assist in obtaining proposals for necessary, suggested or required insurance coverage
  • Place and monitor coverage(s) with the selected insurance agency
  • Report any claims to the Board of Directors and the insurance company as necessary
  • Follow through with solicitation of proposals, estimates of damage or documentation required to obtain payment from insurance coverage
  • Make claims to other insurance companies on behalf of the association when damage is caused to common areas by vehicles, guests or residents, and ensure the compensation for this damage is vigorously pursued

Physical Property*

  • Use all association documents to formally identify association common areas
  • Make regular site visits of all common area facilities including landscaping, pool areas, all electrical lights and fixtures, fencing and perimeter walls
  • Evaluate and recommend when changes or improvements to common areas become necessary
  • Arrange preventive maintenance schedules with contractors
  • Make regular site visits to check that homes, buildings or structures in the community are in compliance with all governing document provisions
  • Communicate to all owners or board members when specific contracts involving common property are to be performed, to maximize cooperation from residents and others, minimizing inconvenience to all parties
  • Prepare or assist in locating a professional who can prepare a Reserve Study detailing the common area facilities and their life expectancies, as well as their repair and replacement costs

*Inspections, site visits, and owner compliance are components of the full-service management option

Committee Assistance

  • Maintain accurate lists of committee members, including current addresses, home and business telephone numbers, mobile phone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses
  • Contact all committee volunteers regarding important association items
  • Distribute correspondence prepared by committees to owners, with board approval
  • Forward all applicable requests, comments or complaints from owners to the appropriate committees for resolution
  • Coordinate all committee assignments and projects
  • Implement contracts, solicit proposals or issue instructions to existing contractors following committee recommendations, as approved by the Board of Directors

Contract Supervision

  • Assess association needs for standard contracts for budgeted items
  • Assist Board of Directors in creating specifications or in locating professional assistance to create specifications when such experience is determined to be necessary
  • Obtain appropriate number of qualified, insured contractors to submit proposals, and forward the proposals to the Board of Directors for review and approval
  • Analyze proposals received to determine whether differences exist, whether proposals contain all required information and whether proposals as submitted will satisfy the association contractual requirements
  • Assist in negotiating the best terms, including pricing, scheduling and time for completion
  • Monitor and facilitate the contract, including regular supervision of contractor performance
  • Make regular reports, in writing or verbally, at board meetings regarding contractor performance, performance problems, or suggestions for improvements to the contractor service
  • Issue timely payments on behalf of the association
  • See below for accounting and financial management information

Need help transforming your community? Contact SBB Community Management To Request An HOA Management Proposal.

transparent HOA Accounting & HOA Financial Management

SBB adopts a personalized approach to Homeowners Association Management with a dedicated focus on transparent HOA accounting and HOA financial management. To ensure efficient and tailored service, we assign a designated account representative to each association.  Financials are reconciled daily.  Boards have visibility of up-to-date bank balances and invoices, and may click on the category within the income statement to quickly see a current list of expenditures.

The account representative will be responsible and overseeing tasks for preparing financial statements, reconciling bank accounts, and all financial activities specific to that association. More specific accounting functions may include the following:

Accounts Receivable

  • Maintain a file for each lot/home in the community
  • Provide requested information to title companies, realtors and mortgage companies to aid in the sale or refinancing of homes
  • Process changes in owner information after sale is closed and completed
  • Provide assessment statements to owners in accordance with requirements in governing documents and instructions received by the Board of Directors
  • Prepare delinquency report at month end for distribution to board members prior to or in conjunction with the regularly scheduled board meeting
  • Assess and post late charges, interest, legal fees, fines, repair or replacement charges to owner accounts
  • Send collection letters to owners with an outstanding balance, by certified mail, return receipt requested, in accordance with State law
  • Advise the Board of Directors on the need for a collection policy, and direct association legal counsel to prepare collection policy for review by the Board of Directors
  • Facilitate all requests for payment plans in accordance with the adopted Payment Plan Policy, and facilitate requests to the board for approval
  • Facilitate all requests for consideration of waivers, settlement of accounts, short sales and so on to the board for approval
  • Continue collection procedures with the association attorney or other authorized collection agency (as authorized by the collection policy or by direction from the Board of Directors).  Utilize our in-house Payment Solutions Initiative for proven results saving time and association funds. 
  • Prepare annually a year-to-date detailed owner ledger and provide information to auditor as needed

Accounts Payable

  • Maintain vendor files, including tax identification numbers and W-9 forms
  • Prepare checks regularly for approved invoices
  • Make estimated Federal Tax Deposits, if applicable
  • Sign checks (handled by an officer of SBB Management Company)
  • Annually prepare payables reports
  • Provide to auditor

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